Idetec Medical Imaging: a 30 years experience in conventional radiology, a pioneer in direct digital radiology DR and now with a Cassette DR WIFI 36x43


Idetec Medical Imaging is a French manufacturer of turnkey solutions for medical imaging equipment based in Nîmes (Gard, France). We carry out control and quality of our products from design to manufacturing. Our offers also include a personalized and detailed continued supply.

Idetec Medical Imaging offers:

A range of digital and cassetteless radiology   equipment DR with flat panel sensor in RAD or Dynamic modes:

  • A complete range of Digital Flat Panel "refleX" of different sizes, wired or wireless, including CSI or GdX + technologies
  • Remote-controlled table “Clipper” with dynamic plane sensor 43x43cm (16.93x16.93 inches) DRF
  • Digital room DR – manual or motorized “Alizé” with digital plane sensor DR 41x43 cm (16.14x16.93 inches) or 43x43 cm (16.93x16.93 inches) 
  • Digital mobile of radiology with plane sensor DR 32KW

As well as a conventional range :

  • Conventional and digitally amplified (DSA option) remote-controlled room
  • Conventional bones and chest room that could be digitalize by a flat panel detector DR 35x43cm (14x17")
  • Image intensifier
  • High frequency (HF)generator

Marketing and services are provided by a network of regional distributors and licensed specialist in France and abroad. Remote maintenance provides security and promptness for most of the technical interventions.





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