"Clipper" remote controlled table - digital or conventional radiology


The "Clipper" remote controlled table has been designed to provide fast and reliable performance for a wide variety of radiological examinations:


  •         Gastroenterology;
  •         X-ray bone;
  •         Chest X-ray;
  •         Pediatrics;
  •         Urology and Gynecology;
  •         Positron;
  •         Interventional Radiology.

To meet the needs, Idetec offers both conventional and digital solutions.


The digital remote controlled table with dynamic flat panel allows to make fluoroscopy and radiography exams thanks to its digital high-resolution system.

Digital radiography has the advantage of being of better quality, faster, cheaper (by eliminating the need to develop films) and thus more environmentally friendly. 

The remote controlled table of conventional radiology allows the use of cassettes from 18cmx24cm (7.09x9.45 inches) to 36x43cm (14.17x16.93 inches). The table is equipped with a 23 or 32 cm (9.06 or 12.60 inches) image intensifier.

It can be upgrade to digital with refleX flat panel Wireless.

This remote controlled table can be equipped with a 400 kHz high frequency generator that delivers 50, 65 or 80 kW.





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