Motorized « Alizé » DR (Uarm) - Universal stand for radiological DR bone and lung examination


ALIZE DR the very top of the range in the U-ARM market, offering the best performance in flexibility and rapidity.

Thanks to motorized “Alizé” DR, Idetec offers lung and bone digital radiography DR  . It is designed to fit small rooms. 

Technological advantages:

  • its engine, disengageable, makes setting up easier;
  • its high sensitivity sensor (CsI) will provide high quality images;
  • the lack of cassettes’ transport will save you precious time.


“Alizé” DR: better quality picture, combined with time-saving during examination (30 to 40%).


The workstation features the DICOM 3.0 function.

“Alizé” DR is also available in non-motorized version. It is three times faster than the remote controlled table.


QFR, three words sum up Alizé DR: quality, ease, fastness.









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