Manual or motorized version


In manual or motorized version, IDETEC's Alizé DR is one of the most powerful U-arms on the market with a speed allowing manual positioning in only a few seconds and high image quality.


Versatile, Alizé DR adapts to the different positions of the patient and pulmonary, oblique, front and side exams are easily performed without having to move the patient, thanks to a variable focal length from 100 to 200cm. 

Positions of the Alizé stand according to the type of examination:

Positions multiples

Its compact and sleek design is suitable for use in confined spaces and the integrated anti-collision flat panel detector provide optimum patient safety during spatial positioning of the device, which can be carried out remotely using its Bluetooth remote control.

The strong points :

- Its disengageable motor makes it easier to set up
- Self-positioning: 6 pre-programmed automatic motorized positions selectable on touch screen
- Focal lenght up to 2m
- Full field digital flat panel detector 43x43cm
- Possibility of connection to all types of Pacs, RIS, etc ...
- It allows you to manage a high workflow, while offering comfort of use and optimisation of your productivity

The "Alizé" DR is also available in a motorized version. It is three times faster than the remote-controlled table.


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