Atlas is the ideal solution for a Chest Bones Room that provides the practitioner with a wide range of examinations: skull, lung, abdomen, spine, lower and upper limbs, etc...


Atlas DR  Chest Bones room: Chest & Bones radiography

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With a contemporary and refined design, the Atlas DR Chest Bones room is the result of many years of experience at IDETEC in the field of radiology.

In its basic version, the Atlas room can be equipped with one or two refleX flat panel detectors offering an instant display of high quality images.
The radiologist can thus reprogram the most common examinations. The level of contrast and resolution of radiographic images are the key to a quick and precise diagnosis.

The Atlas Chest Bones Room will provide you with the essential functions you will need for general radiology examinations. It is the ideal solution for medical imaging centers in hospitals and other facilities.


Atlas is an easy-to-use method that allows you to manage an intensive workflow and optimize your productivity at the same time.

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 Environment and work table

Thanks to a simplified access to tasks, PACS, HIS, RIS, etc..., the Atlas DR Chest Bones room is perfectly adapted to the working environment.

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IDETEC offers other configurations of Chest Bones room to best meet your needs and your budget, offering:

  • Reliable and high quality mechanisms
  • Simplified maintenance for technical assistance and interventions
  • Modular solution with many options

The options : auto-Tracking & auto-Positioning


Ceiling stand :
the ceiling suspension cuts off the examination posibilities and offers freedom of action throughout the room. The advanced operational and ergonomic features of the telescopic column allow a wide range of vertical movements, while the wide range of longitudinal and transverse movements offer additional examination flexibility.




Variable height table :
The ATLAS table is available in "variable height" version with 3 positions depending on the radiology exams desired. This option will help you to manage patients more easily.


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Motorised Vertical Wall Stand:
Motorization: all elements are fully motorized for maximum easeof use .

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    Tilting : for the upper limbs

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