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PACS Imaging is a web-based software for the archiving, distribution and visualization of all images produced in a healthcare facility. Its modular and scalable architecture makes it a solution adapted for all types of structures.



Pacs solution and printing

An access is dedicated to each type of user:

  • Radiologists to make diagnoses,
  • Prescribing doctors to consult images and reports in web mode,
  • Patients to access their results from their browser.

PACS Imaging integrates the ECS VIEW web visualization software (without any installation) as well as a range of PACS VIEW consoles dedicated to interpretation. There are interfaces with specific tools of other editors (mammography, cardiology, virtual colonoscopy, etc.)

PACS Imaging can receive data and/or transmit it to a remote site as part of a telemedicine or teleradiology project.


pacs idetec1


  • Compatible with all DICOM modalities
  • Archiving multimedia files (MACS)
  • Dicomization of images & videos of all specialties
  • Patient CD & DVD Integration Tools
  • Reconciliation of patient identities
  • Advanced replication and backup management
  • Optimized lossless Jpeg2000 compression 
    • DICOM Worklist Server Management
  • Setting specific rules for archiving and compressing DICOM images

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