The WiFi Flat Panel Secondary Station

The WiFi Flat Panel Secondary Station


The Secondary WiFi Flat Panel Detector Station allows complete control of images acquired in the examination room, improving workflow while providing instant diagnostic images allowing users to send them electronically to other remote workstations. , in order to archive and print them.


 Unmatched image quality with reduced patient dose.

instant visualization on the secondary station allows users  to validate the image immediately. The manipulator can pre-program the most common examinations. The level of contrast and resolution of the X-ray images are the indispensable keys to fast and accurate diagnosis.

station secondaire 

Outstanding Image Quality

  • Image processing appropriate for each examination
  • Specific image processing algorithms
  • Automatic image optimization

Station secondaire pour cap

Excellent maintainability

  • Remote system diagnostics
  • Remote Software Upgrade
  • Control tools for image quality
  • Flexible configuration: Worklist, PACS, Detector, Generator, synchronization.

Full DICOM 3.0 compatible

  • DICOM Worklist from HIS/RIS
  • Saving and sending images over the PACS network
  • DICOM support for printing
  • DICOM MPPS support

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