DR WiFi digital Flat Panel

Modernize and optimize your equipment 

IDETEC offers a latest generation DR and DRF solution to modernize and optimize the existing radiology equipment
radiology, such as remote-controlled tables, chest & bones room, X-ray machines without bringing in the slightest modification.                                                                                                                                                          The DR WiFi refleX digital Flat Panel Detector is the indispensable tool for everyday use. 
The mobile is lightweight, it brings both a significant reduction in examination time and a highly improved image quality.

 The DR WiFi refleX digital Flat Panel Detector is the most powerful image processing tool with database management: images are previewed in only 2 seconds:

cassette reflex wifi1         
        -Ability to upgrade and optimize existing equipment
        -Time saving: Instant display of images, reduced examination time.
        -Superior digital image quality: high resolution and diagnostic accuracy.
        -Significant cost reduction: Ease of use.
        -Image processing software: intuitive and user-friendly.
       - Environmentally friendly: no chemical treatments.